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Pawtastic Pet Shop

Leads Generated in 60 days
Revenue Generated

From Pups to Profits: How We Helped Exceed Revenue Goals by 104%

Digital Ads ( Facebook)

The Problem

Pawtastic Pet Shop, a local business offering natural grass pads for dogs and cats, was struggling to reach their desired revenue of $275,000 per month, currently sitting at $170,000

Challenges Faced

Reach a wider audience

Specifically, dog owners looking for convenient and eco-friendly potty training solutions.

Facebook ads

The Solution

We unleashed a multi-pronged attack: fresh, dog-centric social media content, targeted blog posts, and optimized Facebook ads reaching the right dog owners in the right places. This combination resulted in a revenue explosion, exceeding their monthly goal by 104% and building a thriving online community.

Social Media Marketing


Ad Spend
Leads Generated in 60 days
Cost Per Lead
Revenue Generated

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