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Senor Taco

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How a brand new restaurant saw a 45% increase in revenue! 

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The Problem

Senor Taco's vibrant New Mexican cuisine and lively atmosphere weren't translating into online success. Their social media presence, plagued by infrequent and bland content, poorly targeted messaging, struggled to ignite engagement and attract the right audience. This digital disconnect left them invisible to hungry foodies searching for authentic flavors and a fiesta-like experience, hindering their ability to fill tables and cultivate a loyal community.

Challenges Faced

Engagement Enigma

 Infrequent and uninspired social media posts failed to capture the essence of Senor Taco's delicious offerings, hindering engagement and leaving potential customers hungry.

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The Solution

¡Olé! Our fiesta-fied social media strategy delivered: follower numbers doubled in just 3 months, creating a vibrant community buzzing with excitement. A sizzling new visual identity made them instantly recognizable, transforming online searches into hungry customers. 

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Increase in Facebook Followers
Impressions on Facebook
Address clicks
Increase in engagement 

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