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Thai West 

Chats Generated in 2 months
Impressions on Facebook

How a restaurant saw a 67% increase in revenue! 

Digital Ads ( Facebook)

The Problem

Thai West is a Thai food restaurant  that was having difficulty getting its Food in front of the right consumers online. Working within a tightly regulated digital space, this restaurant  needed to create lasting brand awareness and begin driving scalable revenue.

Challenges Faced

Unearthing the Magic Formula

Experienced occasional bursts of revenue, but the source remained shrouded in mystery. We had to uncover the hidden strengths, weaknesses, and untapped potential within their online presence. 

data driven results

The Solution

To forge a strong, lead-generating online presence, we adopted an omnichannel approach. Seamless collaboration between social media and custom multimedia content teams built a cohesive brand experience across platforms, from captivating social posts to videos. This synergy aimed to solidify their unique identity, expand reach and engagement, and ultimately, attract high-quality leads through valuable content and captivating experiences across the customer journey.

Restaurant Marketing


Revenue Generated in 1 month
Impressions on Facebook
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