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WOW How Cheap

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From Empty Aisles to Bustling Business: How We Helped Wow How Cheap Thrive with Targeted Advertising

Digital Ads ( Facebook)

The Problem

Wow How Cheap, a discount store offering furniture and bins at incredible prices, struggled to attract customers to their physical location. While their deals were enticing, limited foot traffic meant missed opportunities and untapped potential.

Challenges Faced

Increase store traffic

Drive more customers through their doors and experience their impressive selection of discounted products

Facebook Ads

The Solution

Targeting local discount-seekers on Facebook with irresistible deals and data-driven optimization, we drove a 65% surge in store traffic, 1,266 link clicks at just $0.52 each, and a whopping 448.81K increase in impressions, transforming Wow How Cheap into a discount destination buzzing with customers.

Instagram Ads


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Impression on Facebook
Cost Per Lead
Engagement Increase

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